Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Talent requires practice.  I am totally willing to practice. I love to paint. I want to paint every chance I get. So required practice is not a problem for me.
Usually I am able to do at least two canvases a week. But I admit that sometimes something happens that keeps me from painting. Work commitments and family commitments sometimes demand my time.  So yes, there have been occasions when I have not be able to paint for a week or two. But my resolve is to paint a couple of canvases a week.
I hope to see a time when I will be able to paint every day.
I am very lucky to have a family that is supportive of my painting like my family is. My wife and children have never complained about my painting. In fact, my wife will often ask me: “Are you going to paint tonight?” When she is making evening plans.
I am usually disappointed with the paintings I do. Sometimes I am so worked up after painting that I can’t sleep. But I have to be patient. It’s very important that I try to see the good in my paintings so that I can build on the good things that I’m learning.
Really I can’t see that discipline is going to be a problem for me. I am loving every second of this new activity in my life. I look for every opportunity I can to paint and I absorb every drop of instruction I can find.
So my message is this: You have to have discipline. If you approach painting, or any other activity, from a stand point of casual interest, you will almost certainly be frustrated with the result.

Here’s a little result of my discipline:

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