Sunday, December 29, 2013

I painted with my son!

This had been the most incredible experience I have had yet with my painting.
My son Acey came home from an LDS mission to Argentina in November. I’ve missed him so much! Since my younger son Ethan challenged me to learn to paint, I’ve dreamed of painting with Acey.
Acey is a talented artist. He works in many different mediums, but he especially likes drawing in ink. But since I started painting last summer, I’ve been looking forward to having Acey come home and paint with me.
Acey told me right as soon as he got home that he would love to paint with me. Still, I worried that he would just be patronizing me because of his superior artistic abilities. When the time came to actually set up my easel, I was thrilled when my son was enthusiastic about setting up another easel next to me.
I have to say right now that painting with Acey that night was an experience that I’ll never forget. It was golden. Because of his experience in the arts, he was already way ahead of me. I expected that, and I hope Acey will have things to teach me as we go on.
For now I’ve got to say that having a partner to paint with is pretty special for me.
I actually hope to paint regularly with Acey. I have some big plans that will be revealed soon here on this blog.
For now, I’m just going to enjoy painting side by side with my son. He’s the first true artist who has worked with me, without looking down on me. We just paint together. That’s a wonderful and amazing thing.

Just wait and see where this goes next!

By the way.

Here's what we painted:

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